Sunday, December 12, 2010

dis special day!~

4 dis special day...hurm...

today is our special day syg..hurm..well....tak tawu nk buat ape yg a bit special 4 u memandang kan awk pon tade kat sini...hopefuly game kali ni will be over dgn succes.. wish u luck everyday...moge2 awk play dat game ngn injured!dats wat i wanna hear..tamau saket2...nnt caye isau!

okieh..4 dis special day..i just wanna share ngn much i luve u...truly and madly..
dis special wish i create 4 u...nk bgtawu much u r important to me..after all happened...u is like my shining star..=)

 for u my dear..
Certainties in life are really very few..
but sumthing I am sure of is that I TRULY 
care for you..

Since you came along..
I've been only thingking about you..
and believe me dear..
i've fallen for you MADLY...

tade ape nak cakap..selain thank you so much 4 being a great person to me...great BF ever..and you r doing great by appreciate me as your gf..i lurve u so much..
so ..arap2 kite kekal sampai bile2..and i want u to be proud to say dat i m your gurl..hehe~

ni saje suke2 nak tunjuk kat awk..betape syg menghargai awk bebe..hehe.. saje syg koleksi kan gamba2 awk ni..awk ngn atletkan..haha..!saje xtawu nk buat ape..

hehe..cantekkan..takesah la puji diri sendiri...tapi memang cantek pon..tgk tu aksi2 awk men rugby ngn bola..hurm...suke2..Bangge!!more....

suke aksi nie...hehe~HEBAT KAMU!

Apekah tueww?hehe!!~lariiii

i like dis photo!!~U r my HERO!!!!

overall memang bangge ngn awk!!!hurm...
kiehla..counting 4 de 12 JANUARY..really count 4 dat moment..hehe...semoge kite ceria2 macam selalu..!
till death do us part..!!
run for the next 12th of each month...=)

lagu ni utk awk sayang...!!shows how much i luv u..